Tet Paul nature trail

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The Tet Paul Nature trail is open daily from 9:00am to 5:00pm and is located in the Piton Mountain World Heritage Site. The trail is an easy to moderate 45 minute guided walk with stunning views.

This trail offers an amazing view and opportunities for pictures of the Pitons, Soufriere and Vieux Fort. If you are lucky on clear days you can see Martinique and St. Vincent, so be sure not to forget your camera.

Children EC$ 5 and Adults EC$ 12.50, book in advance or pay on entry.

Kassava plants
Above: The Cassava plants at the farm on the Tet Paul Trail produce a root which looks a bit like a Dahlia tuber and is processed for food. Below is the harvested root.

cassava roots
Cassava roots
If you want the to take some of the best pictures of the Pitons but do not have the time or inclination to climb them, then Tet Paul Trail is the place. They are open daily and have guides readily available. Although it is considered a relatively easy walk please take the temperature and climb into consideration.

The first stop along the trail is Cassava House, you can discover some of the local fruits and vegetables grown on the island.  The six acres on which the Tet Paul trail sits is still and active organic farming community. Another attraction is the Traditional House can be found where you can discover how the fore-fathers, the traditional Amerindians, lived.


There is also a pond and picnic house. The walk is approximately 45 minutes but you can easily spend 2 hours. Allow time to travel as the trail is on the south of the island at Soufriere. There isn’t currently a bus service to the start of the trail so either leave half an hour to walk from Soufriere or hire a local taxi.

pineapples at Tet pauls

Pineapples plants at Tet Paul

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