Mamiku Gardens

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Mamiku gardens is a botanical paradise set in 12 acres surrounding the hilltop ruins of the Micoud Estate. It is just under half way up the Atlantic side of the island along the Micoud highway near Mon Repos, Praslin and is open 7 days a week from 9 till 5.

the entrance to mamiku gardens

Mamiku gardens entrance

There is plenty of parking set back from the road, with a souvenir shop and café, the Brigand’s bar.  At the time of writing entrance is EC$ 6 or $8 for a guided tour.

The gardens are inspiring and the Mystic Garden, one of the most outstanding features is the three species of bay leaf found growing there. Here, some of the fifty thousand species of orchids found world-wide are nurtured to glorious display. 

As you move along the paved path, an arrow points to a set of stone steps shaded by tall trees.  The steps lead to the Secret Garden where many wondrous beauties are to be found. Butterflies and birds are in abundance and the Mamiku guides are knowledgeable and patient.

the ruins in mamiku gardens

Ruins in mamiku gardens

Grandpa’s Garden, a medicinal herb sanctuary with plots of locally and renowned plants such as the Noni Tree which is rumoured to be the “cure for all” with people traveling hundreds of miles just to get one leaf.

Veronica’s Garden is a quaint little place named after the present owner of the estate and a sundial in the heart of it transports its guests, not only to a different place but a different era.  It’s perfect for any special occasion, especially a wedding.

Baron Micoud, an 18th-century colonel in the French Army and governor general of St. Lucia, deeded the land to his wife, Madame de Micoud, to avoid confiscation by the British during one of the many times when St. Lucia changed hands. Locals abbreviated her name to "Ma Micoud," which, over time, became "Mamiku." The estate did, for a time, become a British military outpost and was host to some fierce battles.

In 1796, but shortly thereafter was burned to the ground by slaves during the Brigand's War. The estate is now primarily a banana plantation, but the gardens themselves—including several secluded or "secret" gardens—are filled with tropical flowers and plants, delicate orchids, and fragrant herbs.

Below is the Brigands bar, serving Tea, coffee and snacks.

Brigands bar mamiku

Brigands bar mamiku gardens

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